C7 service theft deterrent system

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The content theft-deterrent alarm is not armed until the security light goes off. The theft-deterrent system will not activate if the doors are locked with the vehicle's key or the manual door lock. If a locked door is opened without using the RKE transmitter, a 10-second pre-alarm occurs. The horn chirps and the lights flash.

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I have a 2008 Silverado and when I try and start it, it makes a click sound and the dash lights up but doesn't turn over at all. The lock then lights up on the dash and the DIC says Service Theft Deterrent System. If I disconnect the negative terminal from the battery for about ten minutes the truck will start and be fine.

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I heard from someone that theres a procedure to unlocking/reset the Theft Deterrent system.Like turning on the key ,hit the start let it sit with key on 10-15m,try again,then something else.The dealers here in town just want to tow it in$$. I had a shop put on all new white handles,tail lights...

"Service Theft Deterent System". Now my question is : 1. Does dead battery/removing battery reset cars programming 2. Is this message temporary and typical after replacing battery/dead battery ? 3. What is the quick fix so my car would fire up again , aka how do i remove this message or something seriously wrong with car ?